Ghosts & The Work Trip to Reading, UK

I recently returned to Dublin from a trip to the UK office for some training/1-1 time with a fellow coworker.

Reading may not be the glamour spot of ubiquitous English fantasy culture (I was leered at and followed my first and second nights and decided to not leave the hotel after dark unless accompanied by a ‘chaperone’), I did enjoy my stay. Enough at least to overlook the less attractive elements of any city going through a few growing pains while transitioning from one identity of smaller town, to the next.

My hotel, ‘The George‘, which was quite old, had winding corridors to, what seemed like, nowhere. The carpet was reminiscent of that in Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shinning’ and the last day I found the fan hidden behind the TV. It got hot and sticky after shutting the window for the night, and the UK humidity didn’t help with the feeling of suffocation.

I do love a good ghost story though, and I enjoyed speculating who that was that walked by at 3am and didn’t trigger the automatic lights. Another odd case was where I heard someone whispering (as if praying) and crying next door….the room was vacant.

The Bonus to Reading is their ample supply of amazing coffee and espresso drinks at Tamp Culture and Workhouse Coffee (among others)…although the difference between the terms ‘flat white’ and ‘latte’ still boggles my American brain.

Coffee And Cocoa