Nice Boston Walks for Dogs & Shopping

A bit late to post of my meanderings through Boston in the spring, and it’s amazing how the seasons have turned so quickly. Once the sweet, rushes of rain on daffodils that line the community gardens, dropped the magnolia petals onto the brick walkways of the Southwest Corridor Park, which runs over the orange line from Back Bay Station up to Massachusetts Avenue (and beyond).

Magnolia Blossoms and Azalea

It’s always a nice walk for those with dogs (as there is the Carleton Court Dog Park at it’s ‘center’) and those who enjoy gardens (there are small pocket gardens filled with flowers and edibles the length of this path). It’s also reasonably nice for runners and cyclists, although I’ve not tried either of these activities there as it’s a nice enough walk on it’s own.

Also, the  convenience of being situated across from a few exits/entrances for train lines, bus etc.  and positioned near the Prudential Center shops for ample food and shopping before, or after a leisurely stroll (heat in the winter and cool AC in the summer people!).