First Day In Bali, Part 1: Cooking Class

Day 1: Traditional Balinese Cooking Class

What I wore:

1. MATTER – Side Swept Dhoti in Chili 2. MUJI – Non wired Bra 3. MUJI – Linen button down 4. TOPSHOP – ‘Happy’ Two Part Slides 5. NINE WEST – Sunglasses (TJX) 6. MUJI – pants 7. LANZOM – Hat (amazon) 8. THE CLASSIC BRAND – Crop top (amazon)

After breakfast at the Villa Moon Compound, Rebecca and I headed to the gates to meet our driver. Pick up for the Traditional Balinese Cooking Class was included when staying within Ubud. We had one stop for 3 other German guests before going straight to the local food markets.

Vibrantly colored chilis in palm leaf baskets at market in Ubud, Bali Indonesia
Baskets of Chilis for sale in market

Upon arriving at the local outdoor food market, we were greeted with a strong scent of durian and laklak, tinted green from pandan leaf. Rebecca had planned out a list of ‘Must Try’ tropical fruits we were on the hunt for.

Everything was colourful and vibrant and we had our local guide from  the cooking class to guide us and negotiate prices on a few fruits we purchased.

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