On Flying

….and why I like it

My usual routine at the airport: my glass of prosecco and a book

I’ve never minded the travel to getting from point a to b.

I may not be the fondest of airport security measures (removing my shoes, body scans, and touchdowns, or worse) I do find airports and the long flights are somewhat enjoyable.

That’s right, I actually have grown to have a certain affection for flying.

My regular trips to Ireland have familiarized me with survival tactics for 6 hr over night flights, anything less seems unreasonably short (like I’m not getting my moneys worth) to make the wait and inspections worth it.

Newsflash: I like to read. I also spend way too much time connected to the internet which prevents me from reading as much as I’d like.

The plane offers a respite from technology. And since I work in tech, it’s a luxury to take my eyes away from my screen.

Does anyone else have this appreciation for flying? And sort of resent the offer of onboard WiFi?