Sunny Day in Ireland

The sun came out yesterday. Despite the wind tossing gravel into my face, it was quite pleasant.

I took the long route through a park to get to the shops (to look at nothing in particular).

It never dulls seeing flowers in bloom this early in the year, where New England is still mostly buried in feet of snow.

Equally, thrilled at my discovery today, wild edibles!

Of course, I wouldn’t go picking anything from the park, but the comforting familiarity of these early spring gourmet ‘greens’ fills me with nostalgic longing for the woods of Vermont as a girl.

I’ll be in those woods again in the next month for certain to visit family, I feel somewhat guilty for wanting somewhere else when I’m traveling.

Soon I will he traveling to the UK to visit on if my company’s European offices. I look forward to exploring a new city.

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