Planning For Ireland: Stage 1

I’m heading back to Ireland in less than two weeks. 

I’d love to paint the romantic picture of a scenic countryside amidst thatched cottage communities full of old gentlemen with tweed caps and aran jumpers. But that’s not the Ireland I see and know.

While the postcards would have you imagine a picturesque fantasy, which might yet exist in areas I’ve not yet been, I’ll be steering you towards the familiar scene of Dublin City and suburb where I spend most of my time with my fiancé.

A different picture entirely.

Travel to and from is less glamorous for me when it’s not just to enjoy tourist gems. It’s my second home for the time being. And, although it’s still two weeks before I fly out, I like to start planning and packing for the trip at this stage, to avoid the last minute rush around of last minute ‘to dos’, instead, spending my night before leaving placing items neatly stacked on the side into my bag and cleaning up my apartment before abandoning it to the ‘watcher’ for 3 weeks.

This is also the time to pickup any necessary gifts or travel items.

I’ve a full weekend since my fiancé asked for new track suit bottoms from target, and my UK coworkers asked me to purchase a few cosmetics that are hard to find on their Island.

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